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Addison Powers

Vermont Native, Outdoorsmen, and former Structural Fabricator 

Part of Utility Services Since: June 2023

Title: O&P Associate

Associates(A.S) Business Management
Expected Graduation Date: June 2024
Community College of Vermont

Area of Focus: Operations and Planning​ Group

Contact Info:

Addison is a native Vermonter who has spent the past 7 years providing high end customer care services.  Before starting a career in customer care he spent 8 years working with his hands as a structural fabricator where he built his skills and knowledge to become the company’s Project Manager.  Addison’s experience provides a great blend of perspectives and skill sets to ensure his clients are moving toward their goals at a realistic and achievable pace for their team. When he’s not working , his hobbies consist of hiking, kayaking, fishing and hunting.