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Performance Tracking for energy professionals, by energy professionals

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Industry Reliability Requirements automatically uploaded to the system monthly!

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Reliability Management. Simplified.

  • Central tracking tree.  This tree lays out all of your performance requirements and their current status
  • Assigning task features.  Always know who on your team is responsible for which tasks.
  • Status elevation and notification system.  The color coded notification system provides time sensitive and critical assessments.
  • Email notification system.  Our system will automatically notify assigned team members of important deadlines.
  • Summary reports.  Keep track of what you have done in the past and be informed while you plan your organizations future.

Automated notifications via email for all important dates and deadlines.

“TrakER has been a long-awaited addition to our toolkit that we started adopting only a few months ago. TrakER offers a functional and visually pleasing “tree” layout of our tasks which allows us to understand what tasks are due with one glance of the “tree.” Prior to TrakER, if there was question of if a task was completed, it required time to review workbooks, notes, and email communications before we could confirm that the task was completed. TrakER eliminates all of this extra effort by allowing us to quickly print reports that document the actions that we have already taken and what is upcoming. The time savings have enabled us to go above and beyond simply meeting the compliance deadlines by adding more prudent internal controls to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. In short, TrakER has enabled us to get more work done in less time.”

Devon Tremont, Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant

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