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Hans de Boer

Adventurous; gravity sport enthusiast; motorcycle adventure advocate who enjoys a challenge.

Part of Utility Services Since: November, 2016

Title: Manager of Technical Services, Operations and Planning

St. Michaels College: Major in Economics with minors in International Business and Political Science

Area of Focus: Operations and Planning

Contact Info:

Hans spent his years after graduating from St Michael’s College traveling and working seasonally. During the summer months, Hans spent his time building ski lifts at various locations around the country. During the winter months he was a supervisor in the snow grooming department at various different ski resorts. In 2015, after countless hours of overtime, he took a 6-month break, including a 4-month motorcycle trip from California to the southern tip of Chile, and a month and a half touring around Europe by train. After this adventure, Hans decided to settle down in his home state of Vermont. Part of settling down was to find something that he could focus all his varied skillsets into an interesting and ever-changing industry.

His daily tasks are quite varied. Keeping up to date with all the changes requires periodic reviews and updates of compliance documentation. He assists in developing and presenting monthly NERC Compliance webinars. He also attends several compliance workshops annually that are hosted by the Regional Entities. Hans also commits time each week to keeping up to date with the industry and any news and/or events that may affect the industry. Hans has been involved in several successful audits and Guided Self-Certifications.