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Our team of experts can take this burden off your internal team when it comes to navigating the fluid, dynamic, and ever-changing world of NERC Reliability Standards. Utility Services can review and evaluate your current structures, provide feedback, and propose tailored solutions.

Program Development

Building a compliance program is a massive task to undertake. Are you ERO ready? Our staff can help you design a custom fit, audit tested program to your organization’s needs.

We offer a wide range of Program Build services to meet the needs of all types and sizes of BES applicable entities.

New Entity Program Build with Registration Support- We will design a compliance program to address the requirements needed for registration and participation under the entities’ new registration type along with providing the entity support through the registration process.

Corporate Wide Program Builds & Site Integrations- For organizations that have multiple sites and desire a uniform compliance program across their facilities. With the development of a corporate wide compliance program, as your organization brings more sites on, we can also provide Site Integrations, to bring your new sites on to your corporate wide plan.

Program Builds for Existing Entities- As technology advances and requirements change an as an established registered entity you may find yourself desiring a new or more robust compliance program. We have you covered our team can build you a program that meets what you are looking for.

Program Services

Routine and Maintenance Services

Successfully addressing regulatory requirements hinges on entities effectively managing and maintaining their compliance programs to accommodate the regulatory changes and mitigating site-specific risk factors. We understand the daunting task this can be for most NERC registered entities. Our technical teams can simplify your organization’s experience managing your compliance program so you can maintain reliability and maintain a culture of compliance with ease.

We will customize the level of support to meet your teams’ exact needs whether you need support for your CIP or Operations and Planning, or both we can work with you to get you the support you need.

Routine and Maintenance Service Options:

  • Operations and Planning Routine Services
  • Low Impact CIP Maintenance Services
  • Medium/High Impact CIP Maintenance Services

Compliance Program Reviews

Evaluating compliance programs and its associated evidence periodically, for example prior to an audit, is an important part of a robust program. This can be conducted in several ways, depending on the needs of your organization.

Readiness Reviews

With a Utility Services Readiness Review, an entity can enter a compliance engagement process with confidence knowing that their program having been evaluated against expected performance requirements. This evaluation provides you with a quality assessment of your program against the applicable reliability standards. We offer you a sense of your strengths and weaknesses, plus provide suggested improvements to better align your performance to the expected demands. This information is based upon our involvement in hundreds of audits and compliance examinations.

Mock Audits

Mock Audits are a readiness review strategy where we evaluate your site in the same capacity as a NERC compliance audit would. Doing this can allow us to identify possible weaknesses or areas of growth and development for your site.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interviews

Audits can be hard, and it can be stressful for your Subject Matter Expert to go through. We can help prepare your SME for this through an interview session(s) to prepare them for what they need to know so they can be confident in the audit process.

We appreciate Utility Services sage advice, dedicated work effort and critical support in achieving this goal. We look forward to our continuing working relationship. ~ Manager of Engineering Services – Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative

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