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Jill Loewer

Downhill and Nordic Skier, with a love for kayaking and historical fiction

Part of Utility Services Since: August, 2009

Title: Senior O&P Analyst

University of Maine at Orono: BS in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in process control systems

Area of Focus: Operations and Planning​ Group

Contact Info:

Jill is responsible for providing NERC compliance services such as audit package preparations; compliance documentation preparation; and compliance gap analysis, with a focus in the Operations and Planning (693) NERC Standards. She is currently a member of the NERC Project 2019-06: Cold Weather Standard Drafting Team and the NERC Standards Committee Process Subcommittee. She was previously a member of the NERC Project 2017-07: Standards Alignment with Registration Standards Authorization Request team, the NERC Project 2015-04: Alignment of Terms Standard Drafting Team as well as a member of NPCC’s Compliance Committee. Jill’s previous work experience includes eight years at GE Plastics as a process control engineer and packaging development engineer, and four years at the Colgate Palmolive Company as the Global Packaging Laboratory Supervisor.

Industry Experience: 13 years in Engineering prior to US Inc.