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Doug Weaver

DIY and outdoor enthusiast; A hands-on approach to everything

Part of Utility Services Since: October 2022

Title: O&P Associate

Fort Lewis College Bachelors of Arts: Business Administration 

Area of Focus: Operations and Planning

Contact Info:

Douglas pursued the trades of sailboat carpentry and military machining before graduating from Fort Lew collage in Durango, Colorado. His career took him to Orlando, Florida where he performed both logistic planning and infield pilots for mass deployment IoT electrical infrastructure. He later moved back to Vermont to reunite with his friends and family, where his childhood love of electricity gravitated him to the world of NERC compliance.

Douglas loves to learn and creating things and keeps busy with an endless list of hobbies and study. His favorite outdoor activities include hiking, flyfishing, and camping, while his indoor outlets include pen drawing, woodworking, metalworking, horticulture, and mycology.